Flu and Covid immunisations (Autumn 2022)

We are delighted to be able to offer our patients a Covid booster this Autumn when they attend for their flu vaccination.  As the Riverbank vaccination centre has now closed, practices are offering this to their patients this Autumn.  

NHS England have asked us to prioritise those who live in care homes, housebound and over 65s (and in particular the over 80s) in our first phase of vaccinating.  Our invitations have therefore so far focussed on these groups.  But we will expand the invitations to the wider eligible community very shortly.  

We want to ensure that our timings are working correctly so that we don’t have queues and once our first main clinic has taken place on 17th September we will be able to add lots more appointments.  The logistics of offering both vaccinations are obviously new to many practices and its important we get these correct.  NHS England are asking us to offer both Flu and Covid vaccinations at the same time during the same appointment.   

We will be offering the new Covid booster (its bivalent and it includes both main Covid strains).

Last updated 2/9/22 14.04pm

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