If you have recently had a blood test and your result shows an increase in your blood sugars, it is important to take action now to prevent developing Diabetes in the future. The blood test you will have had is your ‘HbA1c’ and this measures the amount of blood sugar attached to your haemoglobin, it is a very good marker of blood sugars over the past 2 – 3 months (compared with a fasting glucose test which tells us about your blood sugars in the previous few hours). Help is at hand to support you to make some changes to reduce this. More information about pre-diabetes (also known as Non-Diabetic Hyperglycaemia) can be found here  https://www.tudorlodgesurgery.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2023/08/non-diabetic-hyperglycaemia-information.pdf

Once you have read the additional information on what your blood test results mean, we would very much encourage you to now Register for the Diabetes Prevention Programme.

To do this you will need your NHS Number, your HbA1c test result and the date of the test.  We will send you this information (by text if we have your mobile number and you have consented to receiving texts, otherwise the reception team can provide you with this information).  When you register for the programme you will need to select the ‘Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire’ programme.  This programme has had some great results and in just a few months with some changes to your diet and lifestyle you could discover your HbA1c has returned to the normal range when we test it again.

Here is the link to Register for this Programme.

REGISTER | diabetes-prevention (lwtcsupport.co.uk)

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