Flu Vaccinations and Covid Boosters (info updated 1st Sept 2023)

Some of you will have heard on the news that NHS England have brought forward the start of the covid vaccinations which were previously planned to start in early October.  We were going ahead with our flu clinics in September and some patients will have booked to come back to get their covid boosters in October.

** We can now confirm that anyone attending for a flu jab from our first clinic on 16th September will be offered both flu and covid vaccinations (even if your appointment was initially just for flu vaccination).  But if you postponed your appointment until October because you wanted to have both vaccinations together, you are very welcome to rebook an earlier appointment from 16th September.  If this is the case, please do your best to use any self booking link you are sent or request this via Ask My GP so that we keep the phone lines as clear as possible for those unable to use digital options. 

You do NOT need to worry about trying to cancel a second booking you might have made.  We can use our computer searches to identify anyone with a future appointment who has had both vaccinations.  Sorry its all been a bit of a fiasco and thank you for bearing with us **

You do not have to ‘rebook’, you will still have the option to have these vaccinations together or separately.  We apologise that this has been somewhat similar to the ‘hokey cokey’ and these changes have not been of our making.  But we are very happy to facilitate this for our patients and we appreciate many of you will be keen to be vaccinated as soon as possible.

* * * * * * * * *

Eligibility this year for covid vaccinations is broadly the same as that for flu jabs.  Sadly, this year we are not able to vaccinate those aged between 50-64 who are not otherwise at risk (for either flu or covid).  We are able to vaccinate those who are immunosuppressed or living with household members who are.

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